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08-09-2020 - The way Ashli rides the chair at the beginning of this scene, you just know she's a great fuck. Erik and Ramon get to find out for sure, the lucky bastards, as they pound her tight pussy while she gives them dirty directions like the filthy talking, cum-loving little whore she is!
08-09-2020 - -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!-Have you ever wondered what happens after the cameras stop rolling? Cum join us at the beach and find out!! We're giving you a little more pink for your green!
08-09-2020 - When Ally agreed to let a stranger use her cell phone, she probably didn't think it was a prelude to being fucked by four guys at once -- but she sure rolled with the idea once the zippers were down and the cocks came out! If you think Ally starts out looking good, wait til you see her with multiple loads of jizz on her pretty face!
08-09-2020 - Phoenix Marie has a big, shapely ass, and she knows what to do with it. In this case, what she does with it is offer it up to be fucked deep and hard by a couple of well-hung studs until they blow their hot, sticky cum loads into her eager mouth!
08-09-2020 - Our researcher was looking for someone freaky for love of the battery driven variety! But, Desiree got much more than that when we introduced her to the thrillhammer! Watch this slut get some DC action!
08-09-2020 - She may be sugar and spice but I bet that pretty pussy tastes nice! But the only one destined to taste that pretty snatch sundae was sexy Mandy! Watch as these giggly naughty hotties gurgle love goo in this steamy episode!
08-09-2020 -
08-09-2020 - Stephanie is all geared up to fuck another couple- as long as her husband, Sasha, keeps his promise to wear a raincoat. Nina and Tommy are ready for some action too, and all is well until Nina's voluptuous ass gets Sasha a little too wild and he decides to throw caution to the wind... And Stephanie doesnt take her husband's spontaneity very well.
08-09-2020 - Bella says she's never used a sex toy before. Luckily for her, Sammie is generous enough to show her how it's done!
08-09-2020 - It was my first day as Dr. Abbey Brooks trainee. Dr. Brooks is a mortician which means that I was working in a morgue! As our first patient of the night was being rolled in, nurse Emilianna told us that today was his birthday. Making it even more sad was how young and cute he was. Just as I was about to make my very first incision, the patient shook!!! He Shook! And Then His EYES OPENED, and he started yelling What The Fuck, What The Fuck!!! Turns out that that while having his birthday dinner his girlfriend broke up with him. He left the restaurant devastated, got some pills and washed them down with a bottle of Vodka. No wonder we was so sedate we thought he was dead! Anyway, after going thru all of that in one night , only to wake up in a morgue about to get cut up, he was Freaked! The Doctor, the nurse, and I agreed he needed to be calmed down and that after the night he had, deserved some 'special attention'. We surrounded his bed, left him naked and strapped to the gurney to our lab coats off and told him to relax. I think we all felt the same way about him beautiful, chiseled, tan, toned body... We all took a minute rubbing his chest and arms before moving down to his soon to be hard cock. I took it in my hands, squeezing his soft package it got harder and harder until it couldn't get any bigger. Then the doctor took over spitting long cascading dribbles making it glisten and we began taking turns spitting and jerking. He wasn't to only one getting turned on. Cranking on this guy was making us hot for each other too. The nurse and the doctor both had really nice big tits that were practically popping out of their tops. We were really getting into it moaning, asking if he liked it, tugging, and spitting. by this time we were all up on the gurney with him, nurse Emilianna's tits were in his face, and the Dr. was between his legs. Harder and fast we were working him, one had rubbing his dick and another rubbing his balls. He was getting tense and we knew he was about to give us our most precious 'sample' of the day. All three of us were jacking him off at the same time and he couldn't hold himself back..... As we left the Doctor joked Your the stiffest patient we've ever had!
08-09-2020 - These junior jizz junkies are in for a treat today, and so are you! Only here can you get farm fresh flesh, served tender and pink only to be fucked fiercely until well done; Red, swollen and stuffed full of cum... Just how you like it!
08-09-2020 - I was chilling by the pool with two acquaintances of mine: Jeff and Lou. I invited them both inside to my bedroom and we started fucking. They had me choking on their cocks and were face-fucking me upside down, then when I was hornier than a virgin in a whorehouse they fucked my holes. They double penetrated me and both jizzed in my gaping asshole, so I pushed every drop of the cum out onto a platter and licked it all up. Tasty!
08-09-2020 - Ivy is the ultimate MILF. This sexy piece of mommy ass graced us with her years of experience and showed us how a real woman rides hard cock. Cover your eyes kiddies because this mommy is about to get nasty!!
08-09-2020 - Just because you take it in your backdoor doesn't mean you are gay does it? It's just an experiment, right?! Are these guys really 'gay for pay' or are they the real deal? Cum see for yourself!
08-09-2020 - Taya has been wishing for such a long time to experience a big white cock. Be careful what you wish my little Asian honey you just might get it. Hard and rough in her tight little Asian temple just the way she wanted it!
08-09-2020 - It's always fun having a sexy MILF with a great body who's twice the age of the skinny cutie. It's even better when they agree to lick spit from each other's pussy and spit in each other's mouth too. If you look closely, you can see the cutie gag a few times!
08-09-2020 - Grab a towel, put some lotion on... wait a second, we ain't goin' to the beach! We're sandbaggin' Rachel! Her loins are aching for a slot stretching, ass destroying crotch compression session at the mercy of our veteran double penetrators!
08-09-2020 - Melissa is one sexy white bitch and who would have guessed her slit had been deprived of big cock? Time for shock and awe big cock style! Innocent on the outside a dirty whore on the inside she does her best to suck our cocks and watch her scream while she takes them!
08-09-2020 - Lynn was a little shy at first, but after we whipped out our black cocks, she was getting more than a mouthful. Watch Lynn take it in all her holes at once as we get her to loosen up.
08-09-2020 - Italian's on the menu for today's lunch and we're gonna make sure that Tina and Julie get filled up. First were gonna stuff their asses with our sausage until it's their meat that's raw. Then were gonna cover them in spaghetti just in time to get doused in our signature creamy white sauce.
08-09-2020 - "I think I need to get home, my Dad's gonna wonder where I've been" Sophia whimpered, "I was only supposed to deliver a package." "Just tell him you sat here and had a cup of hot chocolate with us" Devon suggested
08-09-2020 - Holly lubes up her favorite purple by sucking on it before guiding it between her legs for some *real* fun.
08-09-2020 - Cameron told us that she liked black cock, although she's never been with four guys at the same time. Well there's always a first, after we offered the right amount of cash, she was taking some black tube steak in no time!
08-09-2020 - The gents at this sexclusive engagement have taken some much deserved time off from high powered wheeling and dealing. On today's agenda: licking and dicking. The hand picked ladies chosen for this flesh fiesta are decked out for dick. Actually, the two house honeys are, shall we say, underdressed - but that's how the boss likes them. Bare and ready to share, tits and ass, of course!
08-09-2020 - This luscious little lesbian loved getting her tight wet pussy licked for her first time, by another chick that is. See Kimberley's lesbian adventures start here...
08-09-2020 - How do you make pretty titties tastier? Add some jelly of course! Spread it on and lick it off! After getting Euphrates on her knees for some deep throat action our guy adds some of his own cream making her a special dessert.
08-09-2020 - Derrick is nervous about trading partners, but when he feasts his eyes on veteran swinger Bailey, his stiff attitude goes south - to his cock! Mikey seems a bit intimidated by Derrick's physical stature, but he quickly focuses his attention on Ginger when she pleads for his hot spuzz on her tits.
08-09-2020 - Terry responded to an ad that Sam placed looking for translators to work on his bosses' farm. The pay sounded good, but Terry would have to room with Sam, who has trouble sleeping unless he gets his cock sucked, first. Luckily, Terry isn't above sucking a little cock when that's what the job calls for. Talk about work ethic!
08-09-2020 - Say hello to pretty little Tina. This sexy skank knows her way around a cock but never had 12 inches of dark chocolate man bar in her tight little ass! Watch this pretty little slut get it in both ends as she meets the Insane Cock Brothas!
08-09-2020 - Annie is a full-time student studying business. She must be tired of being broke, and be ready to make some deals. Well lucky her that we came along - now she can do both! Once the price is named, her doors will be open for business! And when we're done, there will be a clean-up call on Isle 3!
08-09-2020 - Daniel tries a new approach to getting a hot MILF into the sack: a sob story about being a former Bosnian refugee. Classy? No. Effective? Surprisingly, yes!
08-09-2020 - Neo and Bruce were both looking for someone to workout with at the gym. Neo likes to lift weights and bulk up while Bruce focuses on cardio to stay long and lean. Working together they'll get sweaty and pumped up until they reach a physical PEAK. But who will get there on top?
08-09-2020 - The car wash is usually a place to get things clean, but when Ethan & Lexi saw Alli, they were ready to get dirty. With a slick offer to help remove a stain, they lured Alli back to their house for what turned out to be some very naughty fun!
08-09-2020 - This scene with Jaymz and Jeremy gets right to the point -- no need for foreplay when the boys arrive on set already this hot and bothered, right?
08-09-2020 - Mariah had big dreams of stardom but she was too camera shy, so we offered to help break her out of her shell. When the standard coaching wasn't working, we jammed an intensified regimen of alternating meat probes up her fuckpits, and captured her plight on tape for the world to see! Now Mariah can do anything!!
08-09-2020 - Pretty Simone couldn't squirt even when they brought in the b-team! Enter the doc with his team of heavy hitting fuck toys to score a wet and wild one! After being probed and pounded by the Plow, the Sybian was a cinch for the grand slam! Watch this wild triple play!
08-09-2020 - Tall, dark and handsome Sly is in town visiting friends. So far he's had a nice time and thinks the people here are friendly and we're gonna show him just how friendly we can be. Making friends the hard way comes easy to us especially when our newfound friends wear size 11 1/2 shoes, if you know what I mean!
08-09-2020 - She's a newbie to 'the industry' but she got in it for all the right reasons! She's a double D stacked nympho with a booty that's as impressive as her mouth. Sure she has her favorite Asian foods, but her favorite thing to eat is tube steak smothered in underwear with a side of balls! You're sure to enjoy every minute of her enjoying every minute!
08-09-2020 - We were on the hunt for a hot victim when we found Terri. This little slut had never let her inner lesbian out before. It was only a matter of time before she was face deep in hot lesbian pussy!
08-09-2020 - Cum see Jeremy get "turned over" to the other team, Cuban style. Fans of HFGS don't miss out! Jeremy takes it all, & gets a fat wad of guy gravy. Lucky for him our studs are gentle & just want to get close & personal with that virgin A-hole. It seems that someone likes to play hide the salami.
08-09-2020 - 2 dongs and a car full of attitude, the cocktastic commandos lured luscious latin Ivanna back to the pad for some deep and penetrating conversation In no time flat these maestros of wang filled out Ivanna's tight little holes and made that pretty ass quake!
08-09-2020 - Jasmine was on her way to another porn shoot when we tricked her back to our studio instead. By the time she realized she was at the wrong shoot, it was too late; she was already impaled by our monster meatpoles! Bet she'll think twice next time before signing up for a "regular" scene!
08-09-2020 - We were cruisin' the hood looking for ghetto bitches to exploit, but we never thought we'd find a torn up ho like America. This was one ugly skank in desperate need of a makeover, so we wasted no time in getting her to our studio! After we finished transforming her into a hot ebony fuck doll, we helped her make up for all the cock she'd been missing over the years!!
08-09-2020 - His name is Sexy Veteran, but we could tell by the frightened look on his face that he was definitely no vet to the gay college party scene! Lucky for him Sean was in the house and ready to teach this newbie proper cornholing technique. What are you waiting for? Cum get a party's eye view of the action!
08-09-2020 - Out on the prowl for some vacation booty we came across Toni whose phone was dead. We let her borrow the phone in our hotel room, then we offered to let her borrow Anthony's 'handheld' unit. She let him suck on her perky speakers before blowing his mind by plugging her organ into his outlets.
08-09-2020 - Wonderful waif Layla wastes no time in picking up some wayward cock and offering to let it be buried deep between her pinker than pink pussy lips! This pretty pale petite babe loves to get her slit stretched out by an extra wide wanker, especially when he finishes the job by cumming on her sweet smiling face!
08-09-2020 - Let's welcome B-Town and Cognac Black to this weeks suck fest! There's plenty of dick sucking and corn holing to go around. In fact you can barely turn around without running into someone else getting sucked off! Hurry up and join the party!
08-09-2020 - We stopped Leveah on the street and asked her for directions. This sweet little whore surprised us when she not only gave us directions but let us film her taking cock like a pro! The best part- everyone on the freeway has an all access pass for a view of her tight pussy and ass!
08-09-2020 - They may not want to ask or tell, but they sure the fuck didn't mind us shooting it! Lucke and Marco live to serve their country and to serve up some anal action as Lucke gets his first taste of the heavy artillery Marco is packing in this His First Huge Cock episode!
08-09-2020 - Jeremy Johnson is the latest guy to step up to the Sam Swift challenge, and he proves himself more than capable of giving Sam all the pleasure he has grown accustomed to. Sure, he chokes a bit while sucking on Sam's massive staff -- but then again, who wouldn't?
08-09-2020 - We came across Melrose at the laundromat and we figured this ho had a one way ticket on our ho train. So we offered her a makeover, but you can't get something for nothing and it wasn't long before we were thrusting our baby maker into her hungry pussy and then exploded our jizz all over her pimped out ass!
08-09-2020 - Smokin hot Eva, was in line for a protein shake in the health drìnk store. We let her in on a little secret brand of protein shakes we had and she came over to try them out. After tonight she will be screaming for more protein shakes; we'll make a swallower out of her yet!
08-09-2020 - The nubian monarchs of meat descend upon another unfortunate slut and her ass may never be the same! Watch as these one eyed monsters redecorate pretty Kelly's tight little snatch and blow a tidal wave of manly mayo across her pretty maw!
08-09-2020 - Seems as though a hot cup of tea is all that it takes to get this steamy siren fired up. And it seems that a hot and bothered bewitching brunette is all it takes to inflame your man meat and spark some truly amazing pussy pounding that will leave your blood boiling.
08-09-2020 - Sophia seemed shy as a mouse, but when she saw our huge meat probes, she pounced like a cat! She even gave our guys a tongue bath while we made her purr. She sure turned out to be one naughty pussy!
08-09-2020 - We have plenty to celebrate around here so we got ourselves a limo, picked up the loosest ladies we know and hit the VIP at our favorite club where the honeys wanted to party like pornstars. Ready to get sweaty shaking their asses these horny honies didn't even bother heading for the dance floor. (1 of 3)
08-09-2020 - This summer resort caters to the beautiful and fit - but since when do cardio workouts include multiple repetitions of dick? Must be the new in thing, and these two dudes are definitely DEEP "in", pussy, that is! When this power set is done, the recovery drìnk includes Pole Protein in large amounts. Wouldn't want our hottie to get dehydrated - and it sure beats taking salt tablets!
08-09-2020 - Jeff was a sexy beast! When he said that he was bisexual and had never had a cock larger than 6 inches our hearts raced! Once we unzipped he couldn't keep his mouth off of our cocks! We made sure to fuck his tender, cute ass hard!
08-09-2020 - Hungry as hell, sexy Silvia met up with her latest meal... Electra! This pretty gal may have been eating salad at the start of the day, but she definitely ate pussy at the end of it! Watch cute slut Electra get her muff munched and her head turned for Her First Lesbian Sex!
08-09-2020 - If you like it rough get ready to ride bareback with Nicky and Nella as they get down on our studs. This is one wild ho-down you won't soon forget, complete with spanking and a very naughty ending.
08-09-2020 - "Mr. Gun and Jock" might sound like a lame 'brat pack' movie from the 80s, but it's really a pair of hot and hung ebony studs!
08-09-2020 - Marlena and Frankie are looking to spice up their sex life, while Otto and Audrey are aroused by the idea of helping them out! Otto gives Marlena a good fucking while his wife Audrey shows Frankie what its like to dig deep into redhead pussy! Watch to find out if this will up the ante in Marlena and Frankie's bedroom.
08-09-2020 - Are you ready for a gun show? Because after a nice long workout and run we've got a couple of dream boats that are hot to show off their gunboats. Stripped down and slathered in baby oil, they're both getting a 'hard body' for each other... It's only a matter of time before 'flex' turns into 'sex.'
08-09-2020 - It was not shaping up to be a good morning for Jordan. First, his car wouldn't start, then he couldn't find a phone to use. Luckily, he ran into Drew, who knew the ideal way to brighten up Jordan's morning: sucking his cock and fucking him in the ass! By the time the boys had both cum all over themselves, the last thing on Jordan's mind was a faulty alternator...
08-09-2020 - This hot little anal virgin was a little scared of taking it in the pooper but after we started fucking that sweet ass she didn't want it to end! We left Camilla with a face full of hot cum and a sore ass to remember us by.
08-09-2020 - Meet Brock and Joey. These two athletic coaches were frustrated by having to watch hot sweaty guys all day, so they decided to hit one of our parties. They arrived as friends, but we got our drag-queen matchmaker to convince them to take their friendship to the next level. Cum watch these two studs get nasty together!
08-09-2020 - "You're a fucking cocksucker slut, right?" we ask Angela. Well, Angela can't answer because she has a cock down her throat... and another one balls deep in her pussy... and another one pummeling her soon to be wrecked ass. Never mind slut, I think we have our answer!
08-09-2020 - Misty was late for her train, but she was just in time for our latest scam! This wrecked ho had a chest like a flatcar, but her caboose was smokin', so we let our conductor give her a test ride. Before Misty knew it, her firebox was full of wood and she was screaming like a locomotive! We finished by loading down her boxcar with a lifetime supply of special sauce!!
08-09-2020 - Sophia was in need of a good DP so we set her up with her two old time favorites: Ram and Jackson. They made sure she was stuffed for every minute of the action, either in both her holes at once or in her mouth while getting nailed. A perfectly timed double facial caps off this amazing DP event!
08-09-2020 - When Angela orders room service, she expects FULL service, including a cock to suck and fuck until it spews jizz all over her incredible ass!
08-09-2020 - What turns a straight man gay...a little green apparently! Peter is offered some money to have his buns split for the first time and with a little hesitation he gets buttered up and toasted until he can't remember his girlfriend's name!
08-09-2020 - We are testing out our new method of milf seeking, which involves door to door selling jewelry! We saw this babe while trolling through suburbia, she was trimming the hedges, and we offered her some of our sexy jewelry to spice up her love life. Well she decided it might be better to spice it up with some help from us while her husband was off working to pay the bills. she wears a load of cum well!
08-09-2020 - Brittany's become completely preoccupied by fantasies of having something shoved up her butt. It's gotten so bad that she's gone to see the psychiatrist who thinks that she should have her fantasies fulfilled in order to stop obsessing. In such an extreme case, such as hers, he's gonna recommend a double dose!!
08-09-2020 - This twink came to us needing money for a nice hot meal. We gave him a greasy meat pole and topped it off with man cream. By the end of the shoot, he was asking for more! See it now...
08-09-2020 - Megan was the perfect candidate for getting fucked in the backseat of our ride! She's cute, naive and most of all, has a great set of tits! It took some lies and a promise of cash to get her naked but watching this dirty slut ride cock down the highway was well worth the trouble!
08-09-2020 - Swing-a-ding! Here comes the duo to blow more o-rings! On this fine day we found pretty Ricki (and her hot ass) alone in the So-Cal sun and invited her back for some "fun"! She may have been no stranger to fucking but watch the duo super size her pretty holes in this one!
08-09-2020 - "Maybe you'll like our table," said Devon, wife. "I'll check it out," said Heather. "Are you guys really married?" "Oh yes," said Devon. "But we still like to have fun! Let's make you comfortable! Have you ever been with a woman?"
08-09-2020 - They intercept Erik on his way to his internet webcam job - they understand that money will be key to taking him home. This fine cute man has a greedy mouth and 8 inches of uncircumcised meat - see the painful pleasure of his first huge cock experience!
08-09-2020 - Pretty stud Brad was reluctant to get in the car at first, but he's a smart twink and can spot opportunity from afar. Once he realized the cash potential in sucking on strange cock he knew that his ass could make him even richer!
08-09-2020 - Damn have we got some good Karma for you! She's a spicy seductress who has a juicy wet secret she just can't wait to get all over you! She'll suck on your cock, lick on your ball, and take it all night; She'll play with her pussy, then scream just before giving you her spray!
08-09-2020 - "Making too much noise?? Too many babes going in and out??" Maybe our BIG COCK slingers have been having too much fun lately. The only way to respond to a residential complaint is to bribe the lady at the front desk with a BIG COCK DEEP DICKIN!!
08-09-2020 - Jaymz has always had a thing for his sister's boyfriend Nate. So with his sister gone, Jaymz gets Nate alone and offers his stiff cock up for Nate to do with what he will. Nate is straight, but after Jaymz agrees to keep this little secret just between them, Nate decides to give himself in to some first time gay sex, and an ass pounding he will never forget!
08-09-2020 - Basketball... a man's sport. After dribbling around the court all day our athletes decided on a slightly different type of ball bouncing. They only dribbling to be had with these hardcore fellows would be all over Mickey's face. He moves, he shoots, he scores! I wonder what team Mickey plays for now???
08-09-2020 - Kyla is one hot mama for you and looking to share with anyone that will take it! Cum see this tramp flaunt her skanky ass and silicone boobies while showering you in her fine wine! Doesn't that leave you wanting more?
08-09-2020 - Ricco was a broke student looking for work but luckily we had the perfect position lined up for him: on his knees sucking our jolly ol' cocks! Will he give in to the lure of easy cash and take the meat grinding? Find out!
08-09-2020 - Looking sweet on the outside but naughty to the core... Veronica wants you to watch her get fucked "you dirty pervert!" Screams of pleasure and pain as she is double stuffed by two huge cocks and then given a double load of hot jiz!
08-09-2020 - Desiree wanted it so bad! She got on her knees and sucked my dick dry!! After I fucked her doggie style! I guess dirty bitches love to take their cum like their shots, straight up!
08-09-2020 - All the way from kentucky these party people are here to get lucky! Get the beer ready - We're here to party let loose and fuck the night away in that wild college sex party way!
08-09-2020 - Two great things that go great together...Val and Vag! And trollin' round the carnival with Gina, Val offered up a new ride that was definitely an E-Ticket! Watch Gina ride some bearded clam and lap some hot tuna lesbo style!
08-09-2020 - I was saving this from back in early April when Sammy and I had been partying a little bit together. We shared this hot guy together and he fucked us both. I was so horny that I didn't care about him fucking me bareback (without a condom) while Sammy sat on my face so I could eat her sweet pussy. After screwing us both, the guy pulled out of me and jizzed all over Sammy's ass so that it dripped down onto my face....mmmm!
08-09-2020 - White skank Brooklyn was in search of some seriously big dick, and she came to the right place. She had seen plenty of cock but she wasn't in the mood to fuck around with anything that wasn't worthy of a freak show. Welcome Brooklyn. Are you ready to have your pussy beat in??? If you like seeing hardcore fucking and the sound of a boot stuck in mud, you are in luck! Watch us plow the slutty whore's trench for your eyes only!
08-09-2020 - We spotted Carly walking out of the music store needing tickets for the concert tonight. We had a better idea in mind: To stick our backstage passes into her tight little ass! Watch us play her far better than we could any guitar!
08-09-2020 - Twinkle twinkle little twink, how I want to fuck your stink! Up in the air your ass so high, like you want a dong tonight. Twinkle twinkle little twink, how I want to take your pink! Where the blazing sun don't shine, where I land my load upon. Soon you'll show your little sack. Twinkle twinkle, little twink, I can't wait to hit that shit!
08-09-2020 - Nikky is so ravenous that she just moves her panties to the side before sliding a glass cock between her flaps and into her tight wet muff. But we get there just in time to show her how much better the real thing really is.....and just how much better the real thing is when we ream her in the rear with it.
08-09-2020 - These party babes didn't come home with any guys but they did come home with each other! So horny after being out dancing all night they haven't even made it out of the garage by the time they're tearing each others panties off. hottie on hottie hd porn - Hell Ya!
08-09-2020 - Curious Donny ventured into the city to buy a webcam. Thomas and Merick knew what that meant-- he was hungry for cock and more than willing to get in front of our lens! The guys unsheathed their massive units and gave this country lad the hardest, deepest penetration he'd ever had!
08-09-2020 - They often said Seinfeld was a genius because he allowed the other actors to shine in the spotlight as well. Here we see Sophia in a supporting role as three other actors get to use her like a well designed prop. On the floor of a therapists office, Sophia gets double-donged, fucked and sucked while a hot brunette masturbates. Sophia's only complaint after this video was that she didn't get to eat the cumshot
08-09-2020 - Cindi was up for the job as Nurse and I had to give our new toy the "Bionic Penis" a test run! Wriggling that sexy ass and moaning like mad I knew we had a winner! And for a double feature watch our new nurse Cindi giving her first patient and exam on our wild fuck toys!
08-09-2020 - Kneel before the might of the unstoppable and infamous Insane Cock Brothas. This week for you we have the lovely Kayla for your viewing pleasure. We find it necessary to show all white women in this great nation of ours, the virtues of massive Mandingo dong. You know they say once you go black you never come back. Cum see this tale unfold!
08-09-2020 - We stopped Tanya outside of the Chinese Herb store. She was a shy Polish babe looking to enjoy all of the world's cultures. We offered her a chance to take part in America's love with automobiles. She was more than happy to suck our shifter knob and let us blow our white grease all over her pretty face!
08-09-2020 - Lita seemed to be interested in making some extra money. So she came along with us to do the interview. Watch as the GBS Squad strikes again, and fills her face full of baby batter!
08-09-2020 - Tight redhead Madison can't wait to spread her horizons and her sweet pink pussy when she takes on two MONSTER COCKS for the very first time. Surprise, surprise, Madison opens her eyes gets stuffed in her mouth, ass and pussy with two huge cocks we found just for her.
08-09-2020 - Unleashed and Horny. Down and Dirty. Ruff and Tuff. Up, Down, and all over the snatch. These ladies leave no pussies unattended, and keep everything wet.
08-09-2020 - Darkness falls as the fairies and nymphs look to satiate their sexual appetites. There's no shortage of cocks to coddle and pussy to straddle as the painted ladies and masked crazies are on the prowl. The reason being, pleasing penile seasoning, of course! (3 of 4)
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