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09-21-2019 - Shaggalicious Angel was quite a dirty nawty British bitch with fat pussy fuckin lips and lovely little titties. She didn't waste any time completely burying our 12 inch hogs in her mouth so we piledrived her, stepped on her neck, cartwheeled her poop shoot & destroyed her holes American style.
09-21-2019 - Today is our 100th MILF episode. To celebrate we found a sexy mom with some nice milk bags to fuck! Casey didn't know she was Mrs. 100 but, she sure felt like it! This loose cannon fucked like a Mommy should! Congrats slut!
09-21-2019 - Lynika is a Polish model with a 19 year old friend she loves to make out with. Nina is only too happy to participate and the two get each other so turned on with spitting on each other all over their bodies that Lynika orgasms from fingering herself while Nina spits on her.
09-21-2019 - Zack came by looking for my sister, but she wasn't around and he looked like a nice piece of ass-virgin meat. I offered him a massage, but his back wasn't what I was thinking of.. I was thinking more along the lines of his massaging my dick with his mouth and tight ass!
09-21-2019 - Beverly and Phoenix are a couple of cock-crazed cumsluts dying to see if they can find a throbbing thick dick big enough to satisfy both of them! This blonde-brunette combo take every inch of Ramon's monstrous meat in their mouth pussy and ass until the whole thing climaxes in a cum-coating celebration leaving these sweet bitches drenched!
09-21-2019 - Tall, dark and handsome Sly is in town visiting friends. So far he's had a nice time and thinks the people here are friendly and we're gonna show him just how friendly we can be. Making friends the hard way comes easy to us especially when our newfound friends wear size 11 1/2 shoes, if you know what I mean!
09-21-2019 - Our guys were out cruising and found Gio, a hot South American dance teacher who'd never had big cock. We thought we'd teach him about big cock lovin' and maybe he could teach us the horizontal mambo? Check out all the hot action in this week's episode!
09-21-2019 - Abby knows her husband is cheating on her and she's decided that she's not going to take it anymore -Just as the paper guy comes round to collect! Looking him up and down, she's knows just how to get back at her husband, and give this hard working stud the best 'tip' of his career!
09-21-2019 - Destiny knew it was just that when she came face to face with Jay's beefy cock at this fraternity fuck-fest! She slurps it down her gullet and spreads her pussy wide to take every last inch as Jay folds her in half and fucks this sorority sister stupid!
09-21-2019 - My hooker girlfriends and I were waiting down an alleyway, one afternoon, waiting for potential customers. It was a really slow day and we were all kind of bummed until some hot looking French guy approached us. He said wanted a handjob but didn't have jack shit for cash. Can you believe it? The nerve of this guy, wanting service without having anything to offer. He was really cute, so we figured we'd play with the situation a little. We made him get naked for us and began ordering him around. Although his body was good looking, we still taunted him about his untrimmed bush, telling him we could barely seehis cock and balls underneath all the hair he had growing down there. We continued humiliating him a little more before we decided to spit on his cock. The ladies and I made a game of it, trying to aim the best we could. Our fingers tugged at his member at the same time, playing and toying with it... waiting for it to get hard. As it grew in our hands, we flaunted our sexy bodies, wanting him to get as hard as he can. I guess he was shy because it was taking quite a bit of work to get him there.So Bonnie began exposing her tit, licking her nipple in front of him. He really liked that so she continued her provocative escapade. While she kept him busy, Sasha and I decided upon ourselves to take his jeans in order to swipe his ATM card but it turns out he didn't even have a wallet on him! "What good are you?" I asked. We thought of ways to get something out of giving him a hand job, so we made him dance around naked, forcing him into saying the most absurd things out loud. He was so hilarious the ladies and I couldn't stop laughing. The guy had enough, so we all agreed it was time to finish him off. We tweaked his nipples and fondled his dick. The guy laid down on a mattress. Giselle got up and started flashing her luscious ass at him, squeezing it and showing him her sweet pussy. He got really into it as he began bucking his hips at us while we milked his rock-hard cock.She bent over in front of him, moaning as we continued to hand stroke him. After some time, he groaned loudly and his cum spilled out. "Wow..." he said to which we replied: "Maybe next time I'll bring some money!" "When you bring some money, we'll return your clothes!" We laughed as we grabbed his attire and ran off with it.
09-21-2019 - Magnum and Troy couldn't wait to show off their skills for the camera when they spied Tiger. They quickly convinced him to come back to the pad and hang out, but little did Tiger know WHAT would be hanging out! They got this straight stud sucking dick in no time, and even got up in his tight ass!
09-21-2019 - Chris is cruising the hood, when he runs into Jack and Todd, and thinks he might have a good time with these guys. Well, when Chris gets his first taste of cock, he's ready to get fucked and pounded by these studs in "His First Gay Sex"
09-21-2019 - Brooke Haven is here to prove that the best melons are grown in northern California. She loves wrapping her 36 D cantaloupes around hard cock! And make sure to wear a hard hat around these cans when we tame her wild country pussy!
09-21-2019 - Cum one cum all! Cum and get to know the very sexy, and very naughty Annie Cruz. She is here with us today to demonstrate science fact, and disprove those that call the phenomena of squirting a myth, a farce. Enter non-believers and see with your own eyes what the world must come to know as a reality. Not to be confused with your sci-fi TV shows.
09-21-2019 - If you're a porn fan that loves big, shapely butts, all you need to know about this scene is that Alexis Texas is in it. After showing off her incredible body for the camera for a while, she's ready for some cock... and then the real fun begins. The only thing better than watching this girl getting fucked from behind is being the one doing the fucking!
09-21-2019 - Daisy and Dick were just married and are actually on their honeymoon, travelling across the country. They stopped over just long enough for their chance at our famous races and Daisy did not dissapoint her new man. Despite having sex 3x a day since they got married, she still ended up with cum on her face in just over 4 minutes.
09-21-2019 - It's pay-back time! After Manny loses two weeks worth of work playing blackjack, he finds out what the stakes are. Now is the time to pay off his debt, and gets a taste of his first blowpop.
09-21-2019 - Honey... What are you doing? - Hi! This is Deena. - She told me about your piercing, the one on your cock. I came to see it. - Ya, I found her shopping and brought her home. - Um, well I just woke up, but O.K! - I've never done this before, but wow! You have the best wife ever. She makes me so wet.
09-21-2019 - Billy had never taken a huge cock before, let alone two. But when he got a taste of our crowd pleasing frank foot longs he just couldn't get enough! We turned this sex survey into our very own sex show threesome, starring Billy!
09-21-2019 - Self-professed size queen Kameron had never had a huge dick like James' before, so Kameron was eager to deep throat that bad boy to see just how much he could take. A cock in the mouth wasn't enough for Kam though, he needed to try stuffing James' cock into his tight asshole so James could see just how snug it was!
09-21-2019 - Let's welcome B-Town and Cognac Black to this weeks suck fest! There's plenty of dick sucking and corn holing to go around. In fact you can barely turn around without running into someone else getting sucked off! Hurry up and join the party!
09-21-2019 - Oh my! We have excited Jenny who is a first timer; she and her friend have answered our prayers for some hot pussy licking action. At the beginning jenny just wanted to watch Gwen but she jumped into the action soon after! Strap-ons and moaning honeys...what more could you ask for?
09-21-2019 - "Oh you've got this stuff all messed up!" said Ashley. "It's so nice of you to come over and help us," said Lexi. "Since you're here, why don't you hang out a bit? We've got some movies I think you'd like!"
09-21-2019 - Your abs aren't the only muscles you can get rock hard, as these hot dudes do some serious mouth pumping to their cocks of steel. These muscle men push their rock hard bodies and taut passages to the limit as they put new meaning to the phrase no pain, no gain.
09-21-2019 - Debra is definitely a breath of fresh ass! We knew by her attitude that she needed a good fuck, and when we got her back to our studio she went to town on our cocks like she hadn't eatten in weeks. After that we took this little twisted sister and bent her like Gumby while we fucked her. Don't miss out on this week's Fresh MILF
09-21-2019 - Thomas' most lethal piece of weaponry is locked, cocked and standing at attention for new recruit Randy Scott's taut tailpipe! Thomas orders his guy-gun cleaned with Randy's mouth before deciding to take up the rear and drop his ordinance into rookie Randy's asshole!
09-21-2019 - Ginger made the long drive from San Diego to visit us on set and show off her skills. With a great personality and a rocking body for her age, you would think she could get Bryan to pop faster. The blame has to lie somewhere, so watch and see who you think let down the team in regards to time. One thing is for sure: the cum load was huge!
09-21-2019 - Brian and Alan thought they were doing a hot XXX shoot with a couple of girls...but surprise, surprise, after the cameras had been turned on, these two rookie guys were devouring cock like nothing we had ever seen before. After his first taste of man-meat, Alan decided he liked it best on the bottom so he turned over and let Brian dig some tunnels!
09-21-2019 - This pizza boy is carrying around a huge pepperoni, but little did he know the gigantic spicy sausage he was about to get! Cock meets HUGE COCK as our pizza boy goes bottom to take a little extra meat!
09-21-2019 - Naughty Natalie decided to sneak off to a dark toilet stall and rub one off...lucky for long-donged Lee, he happened to come in just as this bodacious bitch was reaching her climax! So Lee, being a man of opportunity decided to pull out his colossal cock and stuff in her glory hole! When Natalie spotted such an impressive mutton mallet, she just knew that she had to have it stretch her pussy to it's breaking point!
09-21-2019 - There's nothing like a hot shower after an intense workout and there's nothing like a hot mouth job while in the shower. Cum and watch what happens when these muscly mariposas dry off and really start to get wet and wild.
09-21-2019 - We couldn't have asked to meet Staci under better circumstances... She was browsing the anal porn section of our favorite video store! The horny slut loved the idea of coming back with us for a real Ass Fuck!
09-21-2019 - Just take a little taste, Audrey told Kali while pointing her husband's thick slab of cock at the sweet blond teen. Kali hesitated at first, but eventually the throbbing wetness between her thighs won out and she was sucking and fucking that cock like the barely legal slut she was!
09-21-2019 - Dante helps James out with a ride, and James returns the favor by arousing him from his slumber with a blowjob. Now that's what I call a nice wake up call!
09-21-2019 - Nothin' like a little "social lubricant" to get our juices flowing! Our guests are filing in and getting ready for yet another passion-packed evening of carnal decadence! Why pass the dessert tray when you can just grab the lady next to you and eat her pussy? It's a real tangle of slutty socialites and high-class hos-- only on Orgy Sex Parties!
09-21-2019 - This week we got two sexy sluts so hot they'll set yer nuts on fire, but sorry guys this pussy parade is ladies only! Sexy Lucy has a plan to make pretty Gaya a switch hitter and you better not miss all the fun!
09-21-2019 - Winter showed up at our doorstep in hopes of receiving a big surprise. Well that is exactly what she got! Watch as we thrust our way into Winter's pussy, until she makes us drip like and icicle in Spring!
09-21-2019 - After Bernadeta gave us a cute little strip tease and dick tease we put her sweet cakes up on the chopping block. At first we dipped our stick in her honey pot but it just wasn't sweet enough so we munched her muffin until we'd turned it into a cream pie.
09-21-2019 - Janet seemed to have her doubts about us at first, but there was something curious about this sexy skank. Something told us that she wouldn't have a problem making the director "happy". After getting her into something more comfortable I think she had a firm grasp of the term "happy ending". Welcome to the Porn industry juicy Janet Nasty!!!
09-21-2019 - One man's booty call is our lesbian's punani conquest! This straight hottie quickly changed her mind when smokin' hot Violet worked her sexy tongue and before you know it they were both neck deep in pussy! Someone's gonna be muff hunting soon!
09-21-2019 - This hot little anal virgin was a little scared of taking it in the pooper but after we started fucking that sweet ass she didn't want it to end! We left Camilla with a face full of hot cum and a sore ass to remember us by.
09-21-2019 - Jessica was going to take a jog but when we offered her a shot as Ms. December for our calendar she took a back seat. But if she really wants that coveted month, she's gonna have to show us just how well she can 'Ho Ho Ho'!
09-21-2019 - Starring Tristan EverHARD and Sebastian, this episode of Gay College Sex Parties is a must see. When these two twinks get a hold of eachothers stick shifts the ride never ends! Join us as we raise the roof...and our cocks at one of the hottest parties in Ft. Lauderdale!
09-21-2019 - Hardcore girl-girl action straight from the set of a recent Pink Visual live shoot featuring Giselle Leon, Heather Starlet, Karlie Montana! The girls answer penetrating questions from the chat audience like what's your favorite sexual position? before busting out the toys and going to town on each other.
09-21-2019 - This adorable hunk just landed a gig at a sex club. We knew he had a kinky side! It only took a few bucks for him to open his mind and his mouth for His First Huge Cock!
09-21-2019 - Bitches beware! The Gang Bang Squad is in the house! We are back once again to rattle some guts and bust some nuts! Loyal fans, we'd like you to get acquainted with the sexy yet sleazy Mariah. Though not a trained vocalist, this Mariah will be hitting some high notes as soon as she gets a big black sloppy cock up her asshole! BOOYAKASHA!!!
09-21-2019 - A little hesitant at first, Travis was reserved and only willing to take a few snap shots for his hosts. But once he saw our hard meatpoles and huge wads of cash his hesitation turned to desperation!
09-21-2019 - Adriana convinced her short-dicked husband to let their dock workin' friend come over and play. Donny's got a fresh shipment of grade-A tubesteak, and unsatisfied housewife snatch is just the open port he's been lookin' for. Tempers flare as the longshoreman unloads his cargo-- on her face!
09-21-2019 - Sierra is pretty plain Jane. But, everyone knows Jane likes dick. And Dick likes Jane. Dick and Jane play until Dick gets sick all over Jane's plain face!!
09-21-2019 - Violation of cute pussy is how we're rollin' today. We told Sally we needed a leading lady for our horror flick. She came back to the set where she stars in her first role "White Bitch Takes 32 Feet of Black Meat"! See all of the horror in this throat gagging, hole gaping, ass licking, cum dripping award winner!
09-21-2019 - Whitney stopped by for a friendly card game, but she didn't have any money. I guess because we're just such nice guys, we agreed to play strip-poker. After we all 'lost our shirts' the only thing we had left to play for were 'favors'. Now that's the kind of game where everyone ends up a winner!
09-21-2019 - How do you get a man to turn off his headphones? Pull out the earbuds and start stroking his cock, of course! (Fingering his asshole while you are sucking his dick works, too...)
09-21-2019 - So you want to be a Hollywood Star? Find a guy wearing dark glasses with an accent, fuck him raw, and you're off and running. Well, at least that's what these two neophytes think. What they lack in street smarts they more than make up for in dick sucking and wick waxing. They're on a Hollywood high, the Hollywood high hard one, that is!
09-21-2019 - Monica wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Doesn't matter, we just need a slut to fuck silly! She heard the words cash and suck my cock, she was like "totally"! We had her pussy stuffed faster than a prize turkey and finished with a load of man fat to the face!
09-21-2019 - Sam and Benoit are aching from a long hard workout that got their fluids pumping and their muscle bulging. Now it's time for a little massage to sooth the tender areas of their firm bodies, before sucking each other off and licking up every last drop of hot cum.
09-21-2019 - Angry Hispanic Guy relaxes after he gives in to his first gay bang. He realizes that he doesn't have to be a plumber to fix the toilet. After all, guys know how to suck a huge dick.
09-21-2019 - Johnny (AKA Alex) has a hard time answering the question Are you gay, straight or bisexual, which means that he must be bi, right? Does getting fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strap-on count? Anyway, gay, straight or bi, he sure has a nice cock!
09-21-2019 - What would your mom say if she found out we seduced you? jokes wife, Rachel. I think its hooot! giggles cutie, Sonia.
09-21-2019 - Johnny hasn't been a good boy...and that's the problem. Saving yourself for marriage? Fat chance when you've got a hottie in heat who'd rather be holding a prick than a pool cue. So this virgin dude is doomed - especially when Lexi Belle decides she wants to play pole in the hole. Johnny figures he'll bust a long overdue nut and explain it away in confession. What a good christian lad!
09-21-2019 - Darius and Daddy fuck, suck, poke, stroke and rim their way to a mutual climax!
09-21-2019 - The Brooks had no idea what they were in for when we invited them over for a surprise. It took some convincing, but these first time swingers were all hot and bothered to do some wife swapping with Bailey taking on my husband's beefy boner and me going down on my first huge black cock!
09-21-2019 - Sexaholic Shannon couldn't squirt after she got her tubes tied, but technology has a cure! Tool after tool made this sexy harlot coo and squirm until we brought out the heavy guns to rocket her sweet clam into orbit! Watch pretty Shannon get her rocks off with our wild fuck toys!!
09-21-2019 - What do you get when you take some cream puff whitey and stick it in between two layers of dark chocolate? A triple stack Fantasi. Sweet little Fantasi strolled into the massage parlor expecting to get out some kinks. Instead he got a couple of winks and 2 schlongs in his holes.
09-21-2019 - Claudia and Francesca are a couple of fine ass pieces of milf-tastic meat who just aren't being satisfied by their middle-aged milksop husbands, so these horny hotties decide to get down and dirty with the first dude that walks by! It's good that this lucky bastard's gargantuan meat-monster is big enough to satisfy these cock-crazed bitches, because once these veteran vixens start fucking, who knows when they will finish!
09-21-2019 - Our little Mexican friend TNTown, is ready to learn some more English and his buddy is here to help him, too bad he doesn't have a clue that you don't need to know English when you have a mouth full of dick!
09-21-2019 - You should do something memorable, something you'll never forget since this is your last night here suggested Lexi. That sounds like fun Paige replied You have no idea said Lexi
09-21-2019 - Famous pornstar Kelly Wells visited us because of member requests and swapped spit from 20-feet high with Evelyn. Their aim was good and both ladies opened wide for juicy gobs of spit from high above. Then they let it build up on a glass table where it collected nicely for each one to lick up the other babe's spit!
09-21-2019 - Want to see Mariah's forbidden fruit? Her sweet peach is dripping its juice all over our guy's big cock, and with her perfectly round melons and plump ass he's got his hands full! Pull out your sausage and cum join!
09-21-2019 - Is this your dog? Oh my God! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! We were so worried. Please come in while I try to think of a way to repay you. I don't really have any money, but I'm sure there's something we could do for you...to you...with you. We can repay you in a way you'll never forget....
09-21-2019 - Welcome to a very special Porn Star edition of Blowjob Races!!! We proudly bring you 2 of our favorites- Amber Rayne, facial princess and Jack Vegas a true cum king! The odds are in their favor, not only have they both been in the industry for years they've worked together a few times too... Tune in to find out if these favs will be our next champs!
09-21-2019 - One wife is a freak and the other is creeped but both of their husbands are fired up. The women get this party started by undressing each other and getting warmed up for the guys but it wasn't long before the beef bayonets were drawn and stabbing the pink meat.
09-21-2019 - Sophia warms herself up with a butt plug and her dreams come true when out of nowhere she gets the real deal: a hard cock shoved straight into her asshole with no introduction. Watch her take it from her shitter to her fuckhole and back, mixing up all her juices, then tasting it. She even squirts a little in this one when she's getting ass fucked!
09-21-2019 - These two best friends never tried having some hot lesbian fun before. It took a little persuading but before long they were both munching on some pink taco!
09-21-2019 - Straight arrow Mickey was out for a walk when he came across seemingly not so gay Nicco. Much to our surprise, Mickey went quite willing to experiment with a little dick sucking and booty fucking. At first he was worried about it hurting but after a gentle poke he was fucking like a pro!
09-21-2019 - We convinced Allison to replace the chick that ditched out on us. She likes to watch porn in her free time, but she never thought she'd be starring in one so suddenly. There was only one catch: she needed to endure a massive double-pork pounding if she was to see a cent of the cash! Ain't life a bitch?
09-21-2019 - Thomas hooks up with Bernardo and Marick for some hot summer fucking action! These three studs really enjoy sucking and playing around with each other in this week's episode of "His First Huge Cock!"
09-21-2019 - This classically beautiful hot lady has graced us with her presence today, and is to perform a little known yet amazing skill that very few women possess. This little honey has the ability to squirt her pussy juice, and today she brings her secret out to the world. Enter the lovely Monique, and exit her luscious womanly lady juice in all its majesty!!!
09-21-2019 - It was a cold and rainy day when we got Holly really really wet. An insatiable sex fiend, she dropped down to her knees until our umbrellas were fully expanded and ready to dive into her pussy puddle. Deluged by carnal hunger, one drain pipe just wasn't enough, so we installed two!!! Of course it wasn't long before they sprang leaks, showering her face!
09-21-2019 - Hocking her junk in order to jet off to the sunshine state, sexy Gigi stopped us for a handout. With a hot ass like hers we were only too eager to help! A kiss and some greenbacks later this hottie was face deep in snatch! Board here to watch Gigi fly the lesbian skies!
09-21-2019 - Chris and John couldn't get Jordan's attention at the mall so they followed her home! They were hoping to peep a naughty MILF doing naughty things but before they did, she found them lurking around and mistook them for the moving guys. No worries ma'ma we can help you move... quiver... squirm..
09-21-2019 - What's soft, round and bigger than a breadbox? Daphne's massive melons! We've snagged a real whopper this week: she tops all our Huge Boobs Galore records with her 34G monster tits! They're large and in charge, and this chick's ready to lather up and get fucked!
09-21-2019 - Jacob is a porn star and Christian is a web designer. Sounds like we have a perfect porn pair! Both these guys like Italian food.. and with some luck they'll be making some home-made alfredo sauce before the end of this date!!
09-21-2019 - Jessica was waiting for the bus when we pounced on that fine ass. With a little bit of southern accent, this hottie was seconds away from making us all explode. Oncoming traffic even got in on the action as we cruised down the freeway, bonin' Jessica's brains out.
09-21-2019 - Priscilla and John were getting ready to get down and dirty when the porn valley high fairy dropped an innocent little present on their doorstep. Jesse was going door to door trying to raise money for a school trip, but when she landed at John and Priscilla's she raised a lot more than that... and had her first threesome!
09-21-2019 - We came across Melrose at the laundromat and we figured this ho had a one way ticket on our ho train. So we offered her a makeover, but you can't get something for nothing and it wasn't long before we were thrusting our baby maker into her hungry pussy and then exploded our jizz all over her pimped out ass!
09-21-2019 - Marlena and Frankie are looking to spice up their sex life, while Otto and Audrey are aroused by the idea of helping them out! Otto gives Marlena a good fucking while his wife Audrey shows Frankie what its like to dig deep into redhead pussy! Watch to find out if this will up the ante in Marlena and Frankie's bedroom.
09-21-2019 - these sultry butt lovin sluts are lappin it up and lovin on each other as the twin titans of ass usher monster cocks into the valley of anal. Don't miss any of the close up pounding, moaning and explosive cum shots as these lively chicks get basted in batter
09-21-2019 - Nico was starving but couldn't even afford a burger, so for a few hundred dollars, he let us slap some white meat between his slick black buns, and we fed the hungry twink till he was full!
09-21-2019 - The Milf Seekers are out for something sweet and just happen to find a classroom mom with a big box of donuts. Maybe this milf will be willing to do a little trade...her donuts for some of their cream filling.
09-21-2019 - Sophia isn't one to just hang out and read in a library. She'd rather be sucking a cock to get it hard enough to fuck her in a library. Our guy gets the best study lesson of his life (notice the "thumbs up" in the picture) as Sophia lets him drill her different ways before he explodes all over her face, in her mouth and on her perfect tits.
09-21-2019 - My roomate Jacklyn and I were chilling with a couple of her honey friends last week. We were all getting pretty bored and finally decided to play a game. Jacklyn being the adventurous one, suggested we play a dare game. She had us write various dares down on a piece of paper which were then folded and tossed into a glass bowl. Each of us were going to pick one paper out of the bowl and attempt the dare. This could get interesting, I thought as I glanced honeys. "So who wants to go first?" Jacklyn asked. "I wanna go first!!" Tammy eagerly replied with her hand in the air. We passed her the bowl and watched as she unfolded her chosen paper. "It says... pick someone to kiss for thirty seconds." She smirked and turned to Jen. "I pick you." We all chuckled and waited for them to lock lips. Tammy leaned into Jen and began making out with her in the most sensual way. This sexy visual was turning me and without a doubt Jacklyn on. We sat back and watched as they passionately tongue wrestled for thirty seconds. They pulled away giggling with excitement. I was next and nervous about what I was going to pick. But by sheer luck I happened to pick a dare that I wrote for the honeys. "All honeys must strip down to their bras and panties." We all laughed as the dare was very typical coming from me.The honeys stood up and began slowly peeling off their clothes one by one. The lacy undergarments accentuated their ample breasts and hot figures. I could feel my dick getting hard but tried to control myself as they went on with the game. Jacklyn was next to pick.She dipped her hand into the bowl and pulled out a folded paper. It read, "I have to pick someone to give a sexy lapdance to! Ooohh... so many options." Please pick me, please pick me, I eagerly thought. Much to my delight, Jacklyn indeed decided to pick me. What I didn't expect, was that she was going to remove my clothes first. She stood up and began undressing me down to my bare ass. There's no hiding my hard dick now. I sat back down on the couch and let her slide her sexy body all over me as she seductively danced her way around me. Jacklyn could really dance, she had me convinced she'd been a stripper at one point in her life. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to touch myself. So I began, jerking my cock, watching her as she made her snake-like moves right in front of my eyes. The other honeys sat either side of me growing a little inpatient.It wasn't soon after Jen announced she'd wanted to have a go at the dare bowl. I was sad to see this dare end, but curious to know what was next. "Pick someone to masturbate in front of everyone else." Jen read as she slyly looked around the room. "I think you get to blow your load, baby!" She giggled. "Alright, I'm not going to argue with that logic at all." I said. And what man would with that offer?The honeys sat down on the couch together huddled with their interest set on my cock as I stood and jerked off for them. They encouraged me with their little moans, squeezing their tits together as they grinned in anticipation. Tammy grabbed a few wineglasses behind her and they all held them under my cock. Seeing these hot honeys all eager and ready for me to cum made me blow my load. I erupted all over those glasses, a few drops spilling onto their flesh. "That was hot." Tammy declared. "Yes it was." Jacklyn agreed. I was certain Jacklyn and her friends would come over next weekend for a few more of these sexy games.
09-21-2019 - Julia Ann shows that sometimes a tight ass can be like a fine wine: it improves with age! Unlike most fine wines, though, Julia's ass has now had Manuel's massive cock deep inside of it. Julia gets herself a taste of that, too, actually -- along with a faceful of his hot, sticky sperm!
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